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You have finally reached
my generation! There were
5 brothers and 6 sisters, including
myself, in our family. Two of my
brothers have passed on, since.
Most of us are either married
and have had families.

The whole idea behind all of this is, I'm
hoping there is someone out there that
may recognise my great great grandfather
and be able to shed some light on his
family, where he had come from, what happened
to him, who was Aunty Phoebe....etc.

In doing all of this, I want to know
that my children and their children etc,
can keep our whakapapa alive and continue
to add to it, without wondering or trying to
piece the puzzles together.

I myself am at a lost to who I really am
as stories have it that, my father wasn't
really a Davis but, a Wynyard. Apparently,
my grandmother Hiria, had an affair
with a Mr Wynyard hence, my father was
conceived. It really gets me how, in the
olden days, alot of ghosts were locked
in the closet and never revealed till,
those that do have the knowledge,
have passed on.

I don't want ,my children to wonder.
I want them to be proud of their
heritage and acknowledge those to come,
forever more.

There are two gifts we can give our children.
One is ROOTS The other is WINGS!!