Henry Davis (1834-1864)

Richard Davis (1927-1995)

Kitengarangi (nee Koopu 1928-1988)

I have dedicated this home in memory of
my father Richard Davis (Dyke) & my
mother Kitengarangi (Kite) nee Koopu.

This is really hard trying to tell the story of my father
for a number of reasons but, I'll tell it, like I know it.
Some of the info has come from our Davis Family Reunion book
and other info is through my own eyes & ears. The idea behind this
homepage is, another way of remembering our loved ones that
have now passed on.

P.S I think dad would have got a buzz seeing this.

Kia Ora. My name is Gail, the 3rd
youngest of 11 brothers and sisters
and, This Is My Story.

Please note: The Links to my Whanau Info are only short
summaries of each person or family and, I have not
included the whole clan besides my immediate line.
There is just too many to name.

My first link starts with my Great great grandfather, onwards.

The Start Of The Davis Line