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Dad when he was young

For someone who was full of wit, humour and never short of words to say, well, I'm kind of disappointed that my father didn't say much about his childhood in our reunion book, other than to say, he had to leave school at the age of 14 because his parents couldn't afford to educate him any further.

In dad's early days, he drove trucks for Opotiki Carriers, Opotiki Transport Co, Direct Transport and Opotiki Dairy Association plus, the running of the dairy farm. I remember when I was a kid, he use to take me and others for a ride with him on his truck, up the east coast. One of these companies he worked for, use to have a big christmas party for the kids and santa use to come in on one of the work trucks. From the work yard all the kids use to jump on the back with santa and go for a ride around Opotiki.

I can't remember too much of his life other than, on the farm.
I know he was right into tennis and rugby and all us kids, were bought-up with either, a rugby ball or tennis racquet in hand.
Although, none of us went on to be Wimbledon players or All Blacks...hehehe.

Dad's other passions were betting at the TAB, drinking and parties. They use to drink and sing all night and, it was really great hearing them laughing and singing with the Ukelele and guitars playing. Dad worked the farm until he retired and, since none of us wanted to go home and keep the farm going, we decided to lease it out. Our sister Beryle and her son Kamron is now looking after the house along with our niece Tracey and her boyfriend. The farm was left to the nine living brothers and sisters.

In the small summary I have submitted, not a day goes by that I don't stop thinking of my father and what he had meant to me and my brothers and sisters. I was so proud of my father for his wisdom, his humour, wit, caring and loving personality. Mostly, I am so proud to say, I had the best dad in the world.

P.S Why I have the Pheasant as part of this page is because, my father had killed one when he was young and had it stuffed and mounted it on a wooden stand. I remember seeing this when I was a kid but, I think we unstuffed it while we grew up! hehehe!

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